Kenya National Archives Artifacts Digitized, now on Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural Institute

Google Cultural Institute is an initiative by the tech giant that was launched 4 years ago to “make the world’s culture accessible to anyone, anywhere” as described in their website. It serves as a digital museum where you can discover several collections of artworks and artifacts from around the world.

Today, the Minister for Sports, Culture and the Arts, Dr Hassan Wario officially launched a digitized collection from the  Kenya National Archives on Google’s Cultural Institute. He posted details about the launch on his Twitter and Facebook accounts:

You can be able to view the content in two ways: On desktop or mobile where you need to visit the Google Cultural Institute website and search for “Kenya National Archives” or if you have an Android phone, download the Kenya National Archives app on the Google Play Store.

When you explore the content posted on desktop, it reveals that there are 1,043 items that have been digitized which have been arranged in 8 different exhibits. The exhibits include:

1. Mashujaa Wetu: Heroes of the Kenyan Nation

2. African Carvings and Sculptures

3. Traditional African Weapons

4. Paramount Chiefs

5. Thomas Joseph Mboya

6. African Calabash Collection

7. Police Commissioners

8. Waswa Kinta Mosaic Collection

The Kenya National Archives app looks great thanks to the tools offered at Google Open Gallery  which are tailored for archives, galleries and museums. However is limited to three collections (Heroes of the Kenyan Nation, African Carvings and Sculptures and African Calabash Collection) for some reason and they are yet to say if there will be an update later to the app.

It is a great initiative for the ministry to showcase our history to the world and also a chance for people to see the various collections that are found in our National Archives virtually


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