This Guy made a Twitter’s Version of a Scavenger Hunt

Leon twitter game

Leon twitter game

People tend to find creative ways of using social networking sites rather than the normal chatting and sharing posts. On Twitter to be specific, it has resulted in people creating stuff like games. There is an example of this where someone dared developers to create a game of which the code is only limited to 140 characters and sure thing someone was able to create one. There is another Twitter based game that has been created, but unlike the other one, this one is more “adventurous” in that it mimics a scavenger hunt.

The game starts by describing its origin in a series of 4 tweets where the main protagonist is revealed to be a bird called Leon. The game visuals are illustrated by GIFs and in order to move on to the next, you have to click on the next twitter handle provided.

The actual game starts after you click @leonscoolgame after which you are presented with options of which when clicked takes you to the next level in the game.

Well, my choices ended up finishing the game rather prematurely but the good thing about it is that its “reset” button is going back to @leonscoolgame and choosing the next option. The cool thing about the game is that it has managed to stir the feel of retro games you used to play in the 90s and implementing it rather well on Twitter. The only problem is you may find yourself finishing the game rather early after exhausting the rather limited storylines.

We’ve seen games being a part of some social networks like the likes of Facebook where Zynga has had hit games like Farmville and Words With Friends. Twitter doesn’t have a framework like the one on Facebook but it is sure making people come up with interesting games that are not based on the conventional frameworks.



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