There is now a dedicated tab for trends on YouTube

Trends on the YouTube app

Trends on the YouTube app

YouTube had a fundamental problem. It is one of the biggest online video repositories and yet they had not build the capacity to notify users of the trending videos on the platform. You had to rely on Google Trends for that since it has a dedicated tab for trending videos on YouTube under the hamburger menu, but this has changed today.

YouTube announced the Trending tab for its mobile apps (iOS and Android) and desktop alike so that you can be notified of the top trending videos for your locale. On desktop, it is rather bland which shows a list of the most watched videos in your locale at the time. The mobile app has been given a more comprehensive look with dedicated options for viewing the trending music videos, gaming , news and for YouTube Rewind.

YouTube Trending

This feature will be great for discovering new music releases, the latest news snippets that are popular in your area, trending videos about gaming and checking on YouTube Rewind for the most viewed videos for a particular time.

The trending feature will work well with YouTube Red, the company’s latest subscription service where subscribed users will watch videos without ads and bundled with YouTube Music, YouTube Gaming and a rumoured TV and movie subscription. The platform has a billion monthly active users of which half view the content on mobile phones and YouTube has realized it needs to be a force in the streaming industry. The company has been a sleeping giant in this category and the latest efforts of launching new products means that we should watch out YouTube as it establishes its dominance in the streaming industry.

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