X-TIGI X8 Overview

Xtigi X8
Xtigi X8

The X-tigi X8 is a lovely phone, with quite the decent experience. The price and unique features too that it comes with are quite the deal breaker for many who would like to buy it. It has a great built, with amazing looks and very appealing.

When you unpack it, a 5 Inches Screen with a Large, high resolution dazzles you. We are talking about a highly responsive Touch Screen which most phones in its line struggle with, with a size that feels like it was built for your hand, it fits on your palm with such ease and it’s so light. I loved it. I know some Kenyans are more into bigger screen size but you should really give this one a try.

X-Tigi themes

After you have absorbed its sleek elegant design, you turn it on and it’s got a wickedly attractive user experience not to mention the custom themes that are also easy to personalize. Now I know you are really sure you got a good deal, especially if you bought it on Kilimall, with the crazy discount they are giving and the additional Power bank they put in just to sweeten the deal for you.

X-tigi processor

At this point am assuming you already put in your SIM cards, and being Kenyan am pretty sure you must have more than 1. So you are definitely jazzed just to see this phone is dual SIM, that means you’re the different friends who call you on the two different numbers, will now be able to call you and you don’t have to worry about which phone is ringing. Just to mention this phone comes with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat but don’t dismiss it yet, because despite it being an earlier Android Version and therefore not very  attractive due to competitor models with the higher latest Android version, its performance still makes it quite a steal given its features and usability with an Octa Core 1.7 Ghz Processor.

The phone delivers a good experience when using it, multiple applications can run since with a 2GB RAM it is all you need. You may feel a lag when pushed to the limit, and some little heating up if pushed for quite a long time so this may be one area the X-Tigi team may need to look into. You will also notice a focus lag when taking photos, so if taking photos is key for you need to be more patient when using it. But otherwise this phone is quite the bargain, compared to others of its range.

We are talking about a fluid, enjoyable browsing experience because as long as you have a good service provider in an area with good signal strength, the 2G/3G capability of this phone will ensure you have few dull moments. As you stream videos online or check out your friends photos on Social Media and chat with your friends on What’s App. you will not believe that this lovely piece is delivering all this.

If you are one of those like me who like to tether their phone as a Hotspot, you will love this phone’s WiFi Connectivity. But unlike other phones that drain their battery when they are tethered the X8 discharge rate is quite slow. Not to mention that it’s USB and Bluetooth you can be sure won’t let you down when you’re receiving that awesome tune you asked your friend to share with you from their phone or computer.

Now you notice I mentioned you can receive songs, that’s because you are not worried whether you have enough space to Store it. The X8 comes with an internal memory of 16GB, one feature I like about the X-tigi, compared to other phones of its range this is quite some space it packs and with the option to also increase this with an extra memory card, it makes this phone feel like quite the bargain.

X-Tigi camera

Meanwhile Kenyans in their usual style of perfecting global trends have become quite the Selfie masters. Some good news for you is that the X8 comes with 2 cameras a 5MP unit at the front and a 13MP at the back. Both these cameras take decent shots with good lighting or when outdoors. When indoors, the main camera can still take some good photos but this is not the same for the front facing camera. If you are planning to buy this phone, make sure you always take photos in rooms with very good lighting if you want good photos you can be proud of.

X-Tigi power bank

This is the only downside of this phone is the less than 2200mAh Battery, a key area of concern for me when I got it. However after using it, I have realized it is able to keep charge for quite some time especially when using internet which really tends to drive down the battery capacity. But to counter this the X-Tigi partnered with Kilimall who have thrown in a power bank for you.

X-Tigi free smart cover

So it’s been almost 2 hours which you barely noticed running down, and you realize there are many things that are pending for you to do. You decide it’s time to overcome the temptation to continue enjoying the X8 experience. Only to realize X-Tigi have packed for you a Smart Flip Cover and I just love how when you cover the phone it summarizes all the important things in the circle, like the No. of unread SMS & No. of Missed Calls and even better a clock so it’s easy to know the time.

In Conclusion you need to experience this phone on your own as I can only tell you so much. Plus their partnership with Kilimall assures you of after sales support, so incase anything unexpected happens to your phone, you know you won’t be alone with all the lights off. So go thee forth and get yourself one, be part of the experience. Only on Kilimall.co.ke.