Here is How to Avoid your Message being Labelled as “read” on WhatsApp

whatsapp blue ticks

whatsapp blue ticks

WhatsApp is a really popular messaging app, 900 million active users is only rivaled by its parent company, Facebook. Anyone you know is probably on WhatsApp and this poses a problem. You see, WhatsApp introduced a brilliant feature but it has caused panic and mayhem in its network…the dreaded blue ticks.

In theory, blue ticks make a lot of sense. Let us start with the other ticks we see on the app: 1 grey tick- message has been sent, 2 grey ticks-message has been delivered and 2 blue ticks means the message has been read by the recipient. Sometimes, you may want to read the message but you wouldn’t want the other person to know you read it because for whatever reason, you are avoiding him or her. What do you do in this case? Well there are two options: Let us start with the obvious choice which is buried deep in settings.

whatsapp read receipts

When you go to Settings > Account > Privacy , you will see an option to Read receipts. This allows you to see those blue ticks in the conversation thread. There is a problem however, when you turn it off, both you and the recipient won’t be able to see the blue ticks. But, what if you want to see those blue ticks (which means Read receipts must be turned on) but you dont want to alert the recipient you actually  read the message? Well there is a hack as shared by International Business Times:

  1. Make sure you have enabled pop up notifications in the settings so as to get a preview of the message.
  2. Activate Airplane mode
  3. Read the message and only disable airplane mode after you exit the app.

Do you have another way to go around the WhatsApp blue ticks predicament? Let us know in the comments.


  1. LOL! I do this often.
    My Method:
    1. Wait for messages to pile up.
    2. Switch off data
    3. Read all the messages
    4. Reply those, I feel like replying to.
    5. Switch on data, those replied will receive their messages as sent. Those chosen to ignore sit at a corner and think about their lives.

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