How agile is DataBank in Meeting you Cloud Computing needs?

David Njoroge DataBank

David Njoroge DataBankIn a series of articles, we have talked about DataBank, a cloud computing solution developed by  Compfix Data Limited. The solution is developed and deployed under the Iaas model offering users desktop virtualization, automation of services, backup solutions,  data recovery services and end-to-end data security. Last week, we highlighted key areas where the solution wins against the competition.

DataBank offers offers security guarantees by implementing 256 AES encryption and SSL connection that guarantees the user utmost data security. In cases of outages or loss of data, the security implementation allows you to restrict restores to specific computers, IP addresses and locations offering better safeguards than most market solutions. Other key advantages include automation as well as flexibility in payments with the pay-as-you-go model as well as automation in back-up and restoration. 

A customer seeking to deploy cloud computing looks for a solution that offers a holistic and unified experience. Such a solutions needs to support a wide-range of applications, can be easily deployed and is cost effective ultimately allowing the business to generate value from cloud. DataBank is one such solution as it  virtually supports all Operating Systems, applications as well as ERPs.

Among the operating systems supported include Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix. This versatility in product allows the customer to deploy the solution on the go and most importantly, to achieve more for their business from the resource.  The solution also has Plug-ins that integrate with MS Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL and virtual environments.

Other applications also supported include Windows Hyper V,  windows system backup, VMware workstation  fusion player and  VMware ESX. This agility provides clients with a holistic cloud solution capable of meeting their needs powered by DataBank.