COFEK criticizes Durex on Twitter, Uproar Ensues

via Zero Hedge
via Zero Hedge
via Zero Hedge

COFEK (Consumers Federation of Kenya) is an organization that fights for consumer rights in the country. They have a Twitter account @ConsumersKenya and they have used the platform to carry out their mandate.

Today, they decided to criticize Durex for a tweet they posted earlier on about Valentine’s Day.

COFEK’s choice of words was the major cause of uproar on Twitter. The caption “Interesting creativity but please don’t cross the red line. Valentines not about sex ” was quite controversial and in typical Twitter fashion, it brought about appropriate responses.

Some even reminded the organization of the delicious irony they presented on the timeline.

The uproar ended up backfiring to COFEK since people started using the organization’s name against them.

Realizing their action did not go as planned, COFEK ended up apologizing for the tweet.

Durex did not change their marketing strategy after being bombarded by COFEK and it was quite evident by the latest tweet they posted.

The issue here is that COFEK has the opportunity to use Twitter as a tool to obtain complaints from consumers and identify properly brands that intentionally mislead customers. In this case, it was portrayed like they don’t understand digital marketing where Durex’s campaign on Twitter is usually made in a fun way.

In addition, Durex has been using social media effectively to market their products, knowing where to position themselves to convince their customers to buy their products and it seems COFEK does not understand that aspect.

This is a good example of how an organization should not run an account and as we discussed in the how to be a social media manager in Kenya article , you have to have a sound strategy when using social so as to prevent this sort of faux pas.



  1. Despite their tactical ineptitude I think CoFEK were attempting to raise a valid concern in the way Durex’s marketing is dependent people being unable/ unwilling to distinguish love from sex

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