LG to Release Several X Series Smartphones in 2016


LG has already made it clear that it will be releasing two budget smartphones in a new lineup: the X-range. But will those be the last ones we will see or what plans does LG have?

According to Evan Blass, popularly known as @evleaks, several more smartphones in the X series are on the way and will be released as the year progresses.

Little is known about the LG X style, speed, power and max at the moment but the upcoming X cam and X screen smartphones and their queer naming should give us a hint. Since the two focus on the camera and the display as their names insinuate, we can expect competitively-priced smartphones from LG with emphasis on speed (increasing in raw processing power thanks to a powerful chipset perhaps), long battery life (all about the power), design (slim, curvy and nice for the show-offs) and … what is max for? Plus size? An incredibly large phone? Maybe.



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