NTSA launches Gadgets to Determine Vehicle Speeds for 72 Hours

Number plates


In 2014, the Kenya government announced plans through the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)  to introduce new generation high-tech number plates. The number plates will come pre-installed with micro-chips allowing for better management of the transport sector. The smart number plates will store among other information the car’s chassis number, the vehicle’s make, type, colour, engine, transmission, date and place of manufacture; insurance validity, owner’s

Contacts and past traffic offenses

The chips will be installed in the front and rear number plates. These smart or electronic number plates will help implement variable speed limits especially among Public Service Vehicles as well as curb motor vehicle theft. Upon deployment of the system, traffic cops should get equipment to read licenses using a Universal Policing Unit device. The system will also integrate with the CCTV cameras to be installed in most major cities.

The NTSA has now announced the acquisition of new devices that will determine speed of vehicles in the last 72hrs in bid to eliminate speeding. The devices will also check vehicles with faulty speed governors. In 2014, NTSA signed a deal with Huawei and local firm Copy Cat to provide the Transport Integrated Management System (Tims), set to launch in 11 days. Through TIMS, citizens will pay their fines, register their vehicles and search their vehicles online.


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