Kanye uploads a photo on Twitter of him torrenting, Deadmau5 confronts him

Deadmau5 attacks kanye


Kanye West has been on a tweet spree before releasing his album, which we took as a marketing gimmick to promote The Life of Pablo. Some tweets were inspirational, others were rants written in capital letters and others were tweefs against another rapper (Wiz Khalifa).

The latest round of eccentric tweets from the rapper is a photo he posted a while ago on Twitter.

As you can see, it was a photo of a song on YouTube on Safari browser and that is not the thing that is causing a lot of controversy. The first tab is a search of some sort looking for the Xfer Records Serum and the second tab is him on Pirate bay looking for the software. Deadmau5, a popular EDM DJ and avid Twitter user noticed that and made strong comments about Kanye’s Twitter activity.

He even made a request for a Kickstarter campaign to be created so that Kanye can afford the software.

Deadmau5 was right. When you go to the Xfer Records Serum software product page, it is priced at $189 and it is dumfounding that a person as rich as Kanye West is not able to afford that. But, the rapper had revealed on Twitter that he was $53 million in debt due to some investments he made.

Kanye’s decision to tweet that photo may raise questions like if he really reviews the posts he tweets since a person as popular as him must be careful of the posts they make on social media. As of now, he has not deleted the tweet but the damage has already been done.


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