Huawei to Unveil P9 on March 9th?



We know that Huawei is gearing up to introduce the P9 soon. How soon? We really don’t know and no details have been forthcoming. Some have been saying it may become available in Q2. Well, that makes sense as far as getting to the market is concerned but what about a launch? That may be happening sooner than we anticipated if the invite below which has popped up in Chinese forums is anything to go by.


Now a beer event may not mean much if you don’t look beyond the surface but it could be that Huawei wants to let a few people in on the secret it has been working on since it released the P8 last year. Huawei has a tradition of unveiling its P series of smartphones globally in European capitals so the choice of Berlin, Germany is in sync with past announcements where the device has been officially launched in Paris (P7) and London (P8).

So far we know quite a bit about the P9. You can check further details based on the latest leaks here.