Is Your Kid Safe on Facebook? Stay In the Know with Parental Monitoring Apps

kdis using facebook
kdis using facebook

Today, most of the parents are struggling with what they can do when their young kids aspire to join Facebook. There are no clear-cut rules or guidelines about when a child can join social media so parents have to make decisions for their right age.

They must ensure that their kids can handle the social media presence and must monitor their social media activities. If you too are caught in such situation then monitor kids with the use of parental monitoring apps.

Make your kid ready

Do you know, USA stands at the first position in the list of countries with the largest number of Facebook users? Yes! It’s true. Have a look at the infographic produced by Digital Buzz Blog.

Top 5 countries Facebook

The infographic shows the names of countries with the highest number of Facebook users. There is nothing wrong with joining the huge network if your kid is mature enough to understand the manners to use social media sites. They might be very tempted to make their Facebook profile at a very early age and in such a scenario it may become difficult for you to resist.

There are a number of other social media sites but Facebook is the most common and favorite among kids. If you’re not sure that your kids could make a safe use of it then monitor their social media activities carefully. Because there could be a large number of dangers including the breach of personal information, cyberbullying, cyberstalking, harassments, online predators etc. you can avoid all of these risks very easily by installing a smart parental app and keeping an eye on kids round the clock.

An app ensuring safe exposure

First of all, you are required to develop a friendly and understanding relationship with your kids. Make them ready to discuss the matter and develop a mutual consent with them. Once you set the pace, install the parental monitoring app on their smartphone as kids use the Facebook mostly using their mobile phones.

familytime app logo

You can give a try to FamilyTime application because it offers a range of valuable feature. With the app you can:

  • Check their browsing history
  • View most visited sites
  • Limit their screen time
  • Have look on favorites and bookmarks
  • Use screen locks for the time you don’t want them to use social media.

Make their Facebooking fun!

By having a complete knowledge of kids’ Web behavior and their online activities you can stay in the know of what kids are doing with their phones. Social media is a short cut to stay in touch with the world and it could be a pleasant experience for your kids if you monitor them with parental monitoring apps.


  1. I’ve been using this type of apps for a year. Yes, they have a lof of functionallity and so on.. But I can say – childrens need your attention. Than’ts the one and the main conclusion I’ve made after all this.

  2. I agree with Augusto. We need to discuss all web threats with our kids. We should prepare them for the real world. Parental control apps can’t do this instead of us. However, I also use a parental control app (Kidslox). I use it to filter web browser content and set time limits per day. This app is very good the screen time management.

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