Google Takes Down Terror Related App from Playstore



Terrorists and terror groups in recent times have taken to use the internet as a means of spreading fear as well as recruit new members. This has seen various social networking sites take decisive action to deal with this emerging problem. Twitter announced they have been able to take down 125,000 accounts which are linked to extremist groups, primarily related to ISIS. The infamous hacker group, Anonymous even declared war on the terror group through a YouTube video. The hacker group also stated it was targeting sympathizers of the terror groups in its take down of Twitter accounts .

Google also announced it would its machinery in the online fight against ISIS. Google said it would use its Ad Words platform where non profit organization will run ads that are against search queries related to terrorism. The other action taken by Google sought to make terror related videos undiscovered on its Video platform YouTube.  Now terror group Taliban created an app and published it on Google Playstore as means of spreading Propaganda on its activities. The app called Alemarah also contained videos and official statements from the group according to BBC.  Google has since took down the App as it violated its policy on hate speech. The terror group blamed technical difficulties soon after but in deed the app was removed. This is of course a huge step in the right direction as it reduces the avenues of spreading hateful propaganda and fear to the public.