Google Takes Down Terror Related App from Playstore

Terrorists and terror groups in recent times have taken to use the internet as a means of spreading fear as well as recruit new...
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Twitter has suspended over 125,000 accounts that promote terrorism

Social networks have made communication easier between people and this mode has been used for benevolent purposes and unfortunately to cause harm. The terrorist...
Google Search

Google will use its online assets to fight ISIS

The terror group ISIS has been using social media platforms for various reasons like recruiting new members and sharing gory videos and  images. This...

Twitter is being sued for letting ISIS “flourish on the service”

We have seen how ISIS has used social media to propagate their heinous agenda to the masses. The terror organization has become a headache...
Anonymous guy fawkes

Twitter says that the ISIS Twitter accounts lists by Anonymous are “wildly inaccurate”

The terror group, ISIS has been known to use various social media platforms actively and that is why Anonymous, the widely known hacktivist group...
New Facebook notes

Facebook suspended a user because her name had “ISIS” in it

The recent ISIS attack has led to widespread condemnation and action by social media companies to take down accounts that are suspected to be...

Telegram Blocks 78 Channels used by ISIS to Spread Propaganda

https://twitter.com/telegram/status/667051485327458304 Telegram launched Channels in September, which are communities around popular things, where enthusiasts can easily get the information. Channels on Telegram allow each of...
Anonymous declare war on ISIS

Anonymous has taken down over 5500 ISIS Twitter accounts since yesterday

ISIS, the terror group was responsible for the recent Paris attacks and the act was condemned by people and governments worldwide. They are known...

You Say Retweets do not Equal Endorsement, this guy was Arrested by FBI for Retweets

You always see people on Twitter writing this specific quote in their bios “Retweets are not endorsements” so as to avoid litigation of some...

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms used in fight against ISIS

The Islamic State or ISIS or IS or ISIL is one of the problems plaguing the world right now, so much so that hackvist...

Hacker Group Anonymous Targeting ISIS Sympathizers On Twitter

Anonymous, the hacker group is famous for many things including a social networking site called Minds. The hacker group has now stepped up its...