Twitter says that the ISIS Twitter accounts lists by Anonymous are “wildly inaccurate”

Anonymous guy fawkes
The Guy Fawkes mask used by Anonymous
The Guy Fawkes mask used by Anonymous

The terror group, ISIS has been known to use various social media platforms actively and that is why Anonymous, the widely known hacktivist group decided to shut down their social media accounts. One platform they decided to take down ISIS accounts is on Twitter and they have tweeting the number of accounts taken down that are associated with the terrorist group.

However, there is a problem. According to the Daily Dot, a spokesperson from Twitter commented about this activity being undertaken by Anonymous. “Lists generated by Anonymous are not being used by the company”, the spokesperson iterated and apparently were “wildly inaccurate.” As per the latest update, they are claiming to have taken down over 11,000 twitter accounts  that are affiliated with ISIS.

There is the usual way of reporting suspicious accounts on Twitter where you can report the person or the tweet. “Users flag content for us through our standard reporting channels, we review their reports manually, and take action if the content violates our rules” the spokesperson was quoted. Apparently there is also a team on Twitter that is tasked to root out ISIS activities and according to the spokesperson, the company has employees fluent in Arabic to review the reports submitted from around the world.”

Although there are conflicting reports of how many accounts linked to the terror group are being taken down, all we know is that there are teams out there that are working hard in stifling their efforts. Facebook and Telegram too are involved in this digital war against ISIS and it will be only a matter of time to get reports of the dent they have made in diminishing the terror group’s ability to communicate via social media.