Telegram Blocks 78 Channels used by ISIS to Spread Propaganda


Telegram launched Channels in September, which are communities around popular things, where enthusiasts can easily get the information. Channels on Telegram allow each of its 62 million monthly active users to create a channel and add their contacts. One can choose to make their channel public (which means anyone can search and find it) or private (anyone intending to join the channel will require an invite).

Owing to recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Telegram has come under sharp scrutiny as ISIS and other terror groups have been using its channel to recruit members as well as spread their hate messages.  Telegram is known for offering a secure messaging platform which has made it popular with terror groups. In a Tweet, Telegram says it has shut down 78 ISIS-related channels, used to spread propaganda in over 12 languages.  According to Guardian, some of the channels had amassed over 10,000 members.  Other Telegram features exploited by users included the secret chat feature, which according to BBC has been used to plan attacks.  In September, ISIS asked people to get in touch using the app with regards to payment of ransom for hostages held by the group.

Telegram has also asked the Public to  send reports on any ISIS-related channels they want blocked via [email protected].