Anonymous has taken down over 5500 ISIS Twitter accounts since yesterday

Anonymous declare war on ISIS

Anonymous declare war on ISIS

ISIS, the terror group was responsible for the recent Paris attacks and the act was condemned by people and governments worldwide. They are known for using social media for recruitment purposes and for releasing videos of them performing heinous acts

The infamous hacker group, Anonymous even declared war on the terror group through a YouTube video. They even posted their intentions on their Twitter account:

This is not their first move in their efforts to cripple ISIS in the digital space: According to a report by Foreign Policy, they were able to “dismantle 149 Islamic State linked websites, flag 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5,900 propaganda videos”

The project by the hacker group has been given the #OpISIS hashtag and they have regularly updated their progress on a Twitter account @opparisofficial. A day later, they have made quite a progress by announcing that they have hacked and taken down more than 5500 Twitter accounts already.

That is not the only hacker group that is fighting ISIS. According to a report by NewsBtc, an “ethical” hacking group called Ghost Security Group tracked ISIS personnel and found that they were using Bitcoin to fund their activities and were able to “uncover several and successfully shut them down”

The US Air Force too has used social media to fight ISIS where they were able to identify certain members from the group and successfully destroyed one of their headquarters. There was another case where a guy was caught by the FBI who was retweeting tweets from accounts that were connected to ISIS. The war against the extremist group on the web seems to be working and this is far from over.