Samsung Brings S Bike Mode to More Galaxy J Devices



Samsung’s Galaxy J3 (2016 edition) launched with a unique feature never before seen on any other device: S Bike Mode. The feature, when turned on, simply picks calls on a user’s behalf and plays a pre-recorded message informing the party at the other end of the line that the intended recipient is riding a bike and can’t pick up the phone. Simple as that. The feature is targeted at the demographic that most likely uses bicycles (both manual and motorised, basically any two-wheeler) for their daily commute since smartphones have had Car Modes for a long time now to cater to the driving masses. S Bike Mode is reported to work when driving a car as well.


An update that is rolling out to the 2016 editions of the Samsung Galaxy J2, J5 and J7 brings the feature to those devices as well.

On the Galaxy J3 (2016), S Bike Mode makes use of near-field communication (NFC) for activation but since the new devices where it is being availed lack the feature, a manual toggle will do (see screenshot below).


It is not yet clear if the update will also be made available to devices outside India where it is currently rolling out. Samsung launched the feature as an exclusive of the Galaxy J3 in India.


Lead image: Samsung Mobile India

Story source and inline screenshot: Sammobile