Uber Kenya has announced a competition where you can win free trips


Uber Kenya

In the morning, I noticed on the Uber app that the company had sort of reversed the earlier decision about the free ride limit from KES 1000 to KES 500. It was now back to KES 1000 which was rather perplexing but now the company has shed light on the matter.

According to their blog, this is for a limited time only and not a permanent move.

Until Saturday, June 4th 2016, share your invite code with friends and family that have not experienced Uber yet and they will get their first ride free upto KES 1000. Once they have experienced their free first ride, you will automatically also get your next free ride upto KES 1000.

That is not all, Uber has announced a competition where people who are able to attract new users using their promo codes, will win free Uber trips from today until June 4th 2016. The prizes are awesome too: The first prize will be 30 free Uber trips, runners up will get 20 free trips and the 2nd runner’s up will get 10 free trips. These trips however will be limited to KES 1000 each.

So what does this mean? Well it means you will see a whole lot of links across all social media platforms from your WhatsApp family groups to your Twitter timeline and your Facebook inbox in a bid to make sure that they win the laid out prizes. We may have to wait and see later what effect it would have in acquiring new customers as the company forges on to stamp its authority in this new age of hailing a taxi.