Airtel Kenya Targets New Customers With Free Calls, Data and SMS



Airtel Kenya has been looking to grow its subscriber numbers locally through innovative product offerings. In February 2015, Airtel unveiled a bundled product focused on data called Unliminet. Unliminet offered cheaper data bundle besides giving social media users the promise of  uninterrupted access to their favorite social networks long after they’ve exhausted their daily, weekly or monthly bundle subscription. The launch of Unliminet saw a dramatic effect on Airtel’s subs numbers. According to the Communications Authority of Kenya  quarterly statistics report  for the period between January and March 2015, Airtel saw its  subscribers growing to 3.4 million from 2.3 million. The company also unveiled Unliminet 2.0 early this year lowering the minimum price for the offering to Kshs. 20 from Kshs. 50.

Airtel has today unveiled Karibu package, a new offering targeting new customers joining the network. Customers joining the network with the purchase of a new sim card and top up with Ksh. 20 or Ksh. 50 will get free calls, sms and data. A top up for Kshs.50 and above will give customers Ksh.30 for calls & SMS ‎to any network, 30MB of data and free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Top up of Ksh.20 will get Ksh.10 for calls & sms ‎to any network, 10MB of data and free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Below Kshs. 10 Not Applicable Not Applicable
Kshs. 20/= Ksh.10 for calls & SMS ‎to any network

10MB of data

Free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.


3 Days
Kshs. 50/= Ksh.30 for calls & SMS to any network

30MB of data.

Free WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter


7 Days