Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Goes Official: Water Resistant, Big Battery and More



The Galaxy S7 Active from Samsung we have been hearing about courtesy of its sightings earlier on is finally official. As expected and just like other Galaxy S Active devices before it, it is based on this year’s Galaxy S device which happens to be the Galaxy S7 and then some. The extras include a switch in the build quality to make it more rugged and likely to withstand tough handling and terrain than its standard counterpart ever would. Simply put, military-grade.

Specifications of the Galaxy S7 Active that are different from the Galaxy S7 include a bigger 4,000mAh battery, a shatter resistant display and a more ugly body. Like its standard peer, it is IP68-certified meaning that it will fair just well when it takes a dip in a pool of water for not more than half an hour at a depth of not more than a metre. It also gets a fingerprint sensor built into the home button, which, like the two other buttons to its right and left, is really physical. Other specifications remain largely similar to the standard S7.

As had been anticipated, the device is American carrier AT&T’s exclusive and as such will hardly be made available outside the United States.

Oh, and that crazy-sounding camo colour is real.