Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Active Gets Leaked in New Photos



Samsung has a tradition of releasing ruggedized versions of its flagship smartphone every year under the Galaxy Active brand. Its appearance this year, while expected, wasn’t certain until an accidental mention in an application listing on the Google Play Store revealed it. New photos off a Vietnamese Samsung fansite (translation required) now seem to corroborate its existence.

Why Vietnam when the device in the above photo is clearly headed to North America where US carrier AT&T will have it? It is no secret that Samsung has one of its largest production facilities in the South Eastern Asia nation so naturally if there is any substantial information about future devices from the Korean company then it makes sense that someone in Vietnam gets first dibs on it. In fact, last time I checked, 1 out of every 3 Samsung phones were being made in Vietnam. Only about 8% of Samsung’s devices are actually made in Korea.

While the device is, as can be seen from the above image, similar to last year’s Galaxy S6 Active, its glass back is said to have been replaced with a combination of rubber and polycarbonate. It still packs all other features that enhance its military-grade credentials like protection from a variety of conditions as well as IP68 certification.


Via Sammobile