Facebook Adds “Secret Chat” on Messenger

Messenger is the latest platform to add a "secret chat" on its arsenal of features


Messenger secret chat

Privacy is valued by internet based companies and they have dedicated teams that make sure that whatever information is transacted in their servers is secure from infiltration. That is why they encrypt information and we have seen social networking sites doing just that.

Messaging apps have been adding end-to-end encryption of late and Facebook Messenger is the latest one. According to TechCrunch, from today, Messenger will add the feature to a limited group of users. The feature will be in the form of “secret conversations” which is just like Telegram’s secret chat where the conversations will be only visible to the recipient and the sender. You will be able to set an expiry date for a message, again just like Telegram’s secret chat and when time runs out, the conversation will disappear.

David Marcus, Facebook’s VP of Messaging services on a post on his Page revealed that the feature will be optional since some of the popular features on Messenger don’t currently work or can’t work with end-to-end encrypted conversation. The features in question that won’t work with end-to-end encryption include using Messenger across different platforms, sending GIFs or archiving past conversations.

This new feature will apparently be only available on Android and iOS and not the desktop Messenger app, messenger.com or Facebook chat as of now. It was actually reported 9 months ago that Facebook was testing “disappearing messages” but in France at the time. It is one more thing Messenger has added to its arsenal although after its sister app WhatsApp and its rival Telegram Messenger which has had this feature for a while now.


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