Kenyan Social Media Uncovers a Ruling Where Kenyan Judge Quoted Game of Thrones

Well this is unexpected



Game of Thrones is a really popular TV show from HBO based on a series of books and judging from the amount of the talk about the various scenes in the show on social media and the statistics about its widespread sharing on torrent networks, you cannot deny its influence. It also has a strong following here in Kenya and that is trickling down to one of the most unlikely of places in the country: The Judiciary.

On Facebook, a guy stumbled upon the case on the Kenya Law website and shared it with his friends and specifically made them note of how the show was quoted in the ruling.

If you check the document itself, it was a case of Employment & Labour Relations at a Kericho court and the judge, D.K Njagi Marete decided to quote the popular book in the 5th paragraph from the bottom. He used the paragraph from the book to make a point about the innocence of the accused and it is quite interesting he made that decision. This odd decision to quote the book was also highlighted by Kenyans on Twitter too.

American pop-culture has always been incorporated in our culture and this is one of the many cases we have seen. The last time we saw a popular case is when a photo of an exam from Strathmore University included lyrics from the famous American rapper: Kendrick Lamar and

The world is indeed a global village and such instances of cross culture inferences will be made from time to time.