A British Football Club announced a Deal with SportPesa and Twitter went Bonkers



Via Hull City FC Twitter account

SportPesa is a really popular betting platform in the country and they have gained prominence of late thanks to their sponsorship deals with various entities in sports. Locally they sponsor the Premier League, the Kenya Rugby Union (recently) and a while ago, they announced that they are now sponsors of the hugely popular English football club, Arsenal. They have made another move on the English football scene as Hull FC announced on Twitter that SportPesa is now their official sponsor.

The deal is apparently for three seasons and as the football club said on the Twitter account, it was their “most lucrative in the Club’s proud 112 year history.”

This announcement was most certainly a surprise and immediately drew interest from both Kenyans and Britons alike. Starting with Kenyans, the general feeling was of shock and surprise which made them make fun of the news.

Can they sponsor the elections?

Memes were shared.

Others shared an account of the various institutions and projects the company has sponsored.

Kenyans want SportPesa to fund infrastructure in the country

For Hull FC fans, they were mostly confused about the whole situation since they have never heard of SportPesa before.

Some replied to the tweet by tweeting some of the things that are associated with Kenya like “Hakuna Matata” and “Jambo.”

Others kept reading SportPesa differently

Some decided to give the club tips to use the money

SportPesa has really made quite the effort to build their brand by branching out of the county and sponsoring two English clubs. I won’t be surprised if they made another big sponsorship deal and it will still trend on the various social media platforms.


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