Night Mode on twitter for Android

We use our smartphones virtually all day and in some cases the better part of the night. Most apps that we use usually have a white background which is perfectly fine in the daytime but when you use them during low light situations like during the night, this might lead you to dial down your brightness considerably. This is why we have night mode in various apps nowadays and it makes it easier to read content during night time.

Twitter has apps with a predominantly white background but they have been testing a “Night mode” theme for quite a while now on their Android app beta releases. Well today, they have made it official via a tweet on their official account.

It is quite easy to turn on night mode on the official Twitter for Android app. You only need to make a swiping gesture to reveal the navigation menu on the new material design layout they effected recently. Within the menu, you will see the Night mode toggle which when you turn on changes the background that is suitable for reading content during low light situations.

The change will be dramatic for those users who are seeing the change for the first time thanks to Twitter’s choice of using navy blue instead of black/grey for night mode but it gives it a unique feel. For a beta tester of the Android app like me, I’ve been using the feature for almost a month now and I’ve never seen the need to switch it off. It is also not clear when they will roll out the feature to their other official mobile apps on iOS and Windows Phone.



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