A Match Between Two Premier League Teams Will Be Streamed Live on Facebook Tonight



premier league teams match on facebookSocial networks have notice the power of covering live events since they draw people to their platforms which is a good thing. That is why they have been introducing live broadcasting on the platforms and in the case of Facebook, they have been steadily building their Live Video platform and Twitter bought Periscope, the dedicated live streaming network.

Sports are one of the live events that generate a lot of activity on social networks and that is why Facebook built Live Video. Well they are going to have a major test tonight as a football match between Manchester United and Everton will be livestreamed tonight on Facebook.

It is not a Premier League match since the popular football league will commence the action in 10 days, rather this is a testimonial match where the money raised will go to the Wayne Rooney Foundation. It will be streamed live on the Manchester United and Wayne Rooney Pages on Facebook at 7:15pm BST which is  9:15pm local time.

Twitter also recently signed a deal with a UK broadcaster where they will be showing highlights from the Premier League, which is cool but not live match cool. It will be interesting to see how Facebook will handle the traffic that will watch the match as it will be technically be available to anyone to see. In addition, the match highlights will definitely be integrated with Facebook’s Sports Stadium, which is the company’s effort to let people feel like they are watching the match thanks to the live scores and detailed stats.