Apple Is Apparently Working On a Snapchat-like App

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Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off the one billionth iPhone to Apple staff
Apple CEO Tim Cook shows off the one billionth iPhone to Apple staff


Apple is both a software and hardware company and it is one of the few tech companies that are known to provide both in an almost equal level. However in the past decade, there has been a change in the force thanks to the eruption of social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter. Apple had a social network back in the day called Ping that that was discontinued rather quickly (after a month) and it seems from a report by Bloomberg that they want to dip their toes in the social networking craze.

Apparently according to people familiar with the project, the app is a “video sharing and editing application” which is being tested for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). Apparently there is a focus to integrate social networking apps in Apple devices thanks to the success of companies with such apps.

Going back to the app Apple is apparently developing, it is just like Snapchat where you can record video, add filters and thereafter share it to your contacts or other social networks. Apparently one of the prototypes include an app that shoots video like how we do on Instagram in the square like format. Apparently, the final app could be released as a download on the App Store or could be baked into the camera app and it is being developed in the department that developed the popular editing applications: Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

Well this is an interesting move by the company and from the report, the company is striving to release it in 2017 rather than next month which is the usual time Apple announces new products.

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