Snapchat Has Made It Easier To Create Your Own Custom Geofilter


Snapchat on demand geofilters

One of Snapchat’s coolest features is geofilters which are special overlays that appear on the app when you turn on your location on your smartphone and are specific to a location. Snapchat has its own general geofilters but the company had made provisions earlier to make custom ones way back in February, but it required some knowledge in graphic design to come up with the filters.

The company has decided to make the process easy which is great since this is a revenue stream for the company. All you need to do is head to the On Demand Geofilters while on desktop and after logging in, you will be given access to a bunch of tools to create your own geofilter. There are three themes available: Birthdays, weddings and celebrations  and from that you can customize further where you can add the text and choose the colours. When you are done, you will be able to preview the geofilter and then proceed to pay.

As for pricing, it has not changed since they start from $5 which will be up for 30 minutes and the geofence will cover 20,000 square feet and can go as high as 30 days with a 5 mile radius.

Geofilters are a popular product in Snapchat since apparently they are viewed more than a billion times per day. The sad thing is that On Demand geofilters are not available in Nairobi at the moment. This is an excellent way for announcing to your friends of an event around you (if they have their location turned on) and the personalization options are a great touch too. This is a cool concept and we have to see if other networks will copy Snapchat in offering such products.


  1. Great! I would recommend as they have unique Snapchat Geofilter with lots of new designs.

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