Google Makes it Easy for Android Users to Search for Content in Apps



Android users are getting a new feature from Google. Its working mechanism is dead simple: it lets users search for anything in their installed apps. Those who find the feature a bit creepy will be able to restrict which apps can be searched.

Here’s a case scenario: I take a lot of notes on any given day. I use several apps to do this. Google Keep, Evernote, Todoist. Several days later, I may know exactly what note I want to look back at and reference to it but not exactly where I took it. So what do I do? Open each of the three apps and search for it manually. With the new “inside search” feature, this is all in the past now.

I’ll only need to open the Google app on my phone, swipe to the very end where the “apps” tab is and search for the said note and voila!


It’s not just notes that one will be able to search for and find. Messages, contacts and more will all be easy to sift through using the feature. For a start, only a handful of apps are supported. These are Google apps like Gmail and YouTube and others like Spotify. Google is promising to add Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Evernote, Glide, Todoist and Google Keep soon as well. For those who will be buying LG’s upcoming V20 smartphone, the device’s second screen (located on top of the main screen) will have a dedicated shortcut.

Whether this will ever hit iOS devices is not clear at the moment.