Facebook Has Launched A Cool Video Chatting Option

This is really cool

facebook messenger live video

facebook messenger live video

Facebook has been focusing on video on its platforms from the network itself and down to its other assets like Instagram and Messenger. Speaking of the latter, you can share videos and make video calls on Messenger and they are now expanding that with a new feature which they are calling Instant Video.

The implementation of Instant Video on Facebook Messenger is rather interesting. How this works is that when you are in a chat with someone, you only need to tap on a video icon that is on the top right corner which will allow you to share a real time video. The real time video will float within the conversation thread so that you can chat and share video at the same time. In addition, by default, the video audio is off and if you feel the need to enable it, you can turn it on.

This is actually a very cool feature in that it can be used for several things. For example, when you are in a new place and your friend knows the place quite well, he or she can direct you to your place of interest thanks to that live feed within the chat.

Facebook has always said that Messenger is only 1% finished and they will always add new features as the time goes by. In order to enjoy the new feature, the company has advised to have the latest version of Messenger on either Android or iOS so get on and update your respective versions.