Huawei P9 Now Comes in Two New Colours and it Looks Really Cool



In the midst of announcing an entirely new mid-range smartphone series, Huawei has not forgotten its main focus this year: its flagship smartphone, the P9. As such, the P9 will now be available in additional two colours: red and blue. I’m tempted to call the two new colours Manchester United Red and Manchester City Blue but since Huawei is not giving them any fancy labels (like it does the available P9 colours), I’ll just leave them alone.

Images shared on social media by Huawei Mobile (Instagram, Twitter) show the red and blue P9 smartphones looking, for lack of a better word, edible! No, really, just have a look.

Huawei_P9_red Huawei_P9_blue

The P9, which was launched back in April, has been available in Haze Gold, Ceramic White, Rose Gold, Prestige Gold, Titanium Grey and Mystic Silver colours. It already looks good in those colours but looks even better in the new colour options.

As far as we know, the red and blue P9s are not yet available on sale anywhere but they should be soon. The new colour options are coming to the 32GB internal storage+3GB RAM model. Other specifications remain the same. Picking a P9 with either of the new colour options will set you back a princely sum of €549 or Kshs 62,000 as per current exchange rates, which is a bit higher than the Kshs 55,000 that the device goes for locally. Still, a much more reasonable price than what you’ll have to pay to just have that gorgeous Coral Blue Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in your corner.

The P9 is one of the best smartphones one can buy today. Read my review here.