Another Set of Leaked Huawei Mate 9 Photos Makes Rounds on the Internet, This Time They’re High-Res


Another day, another set of Huawei Mate 9 rumours, leaked images and what not.

So, what’s different this time round?

Other than confirming the obvious, since we’ll get to know all about the Mate 9 in two days’ time and the leaked images don’t exactly show us anything new other than cementing what we already know, they’re high-res if that gets in your good books.

They are much better than the low-res photo we were treated to early yesterday and the earlier renders we’d seen, too.

Here they are:

The Mate 9 is tipped to made available in two main versions: a standard model that is internally being referred to as Manhattan and another “more premium” model that goes by the codename Long Island internally at Huawei. The “more premium” or Pro model of the Mate 9 is tipped to include a curved display like the one on Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones while also featuring more RAM and internal storage.
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