Trending Video Shows that Kenyans are as Daring as White People


Twitter allows you to upload, record and share videos on its platform and thanks to that, we have seen some iconic videos being shared. Previously, normal users were only able to upload 30 second videos but the company expanded that a while ago to 140 seconds.

Videos on Twitter tend to trend if they are unexpected or have a comedy angle to it and this video is the former.

From the video, you can see some men attempting to dive into a gorge from a road, which looks absolutely insane. There is a guy with a camera (likely a camera phone) who filmed the action of the two daredevils plunging into the river without any second thoughts. They seem to have done this before (a regular person would be a bundle of nerves) and from the tweet, they were identified as the Kerio Divers.

People were surely stunned by the daredevils act to jump into the gorge on the river below.

The video transcended the Kenyan Twitter microcosm and was quoted by this guy.

This comment depicted the daring adrenaline act of jumping in gorges as ‘white peopling’ which is based on the stereotype of white people engaging in daring acts.

Doing a bit of research on the Internet, The Standard did a piece about the Kerio Divers who make a living from diving at the Kerio river which formed the Cheploch gorge in Baringo. Apparently, they charge people for watching them jump into the gorge, but also rescue people for free if people fall into the river. There are also numerous videos on YouTube about the gorge and they are as chilling as the Twitter video.

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