Twitter Suspended Its Own CEO’s Twitter Account

How about that!



How about that! In a bizarre twist today, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and CEO had his own Twitter account suspended by his company and people were quick to notice it.

Apparently at around 5 am EAT, people noticed that Jack Dorsey was suspended on his own platform, which is of course funny in the sense that it is not something you would normally see every day. Of course people were quick to give their opinion about this on Twitter.

It is not clear what exactly happened but Jack gave an explanation to the bizarre incident a while ago and it looks like it was some bug in the system. He explained that the account suspension was an “internal mistake” which is interesting.

Funny enough, Jack Dorsey decided to use the famous phrase “just setting up my twttr” (which is actually the first tweet published on Twitter) to set the record straight. (See the resemblance?)

Twitter has been on a roll in recent times trying to curb the situation of hate speech and cyberbullying in its platform since it is one of the many problems plaguing the social network. According to the company, an account may be suspended if

  • they are spammy or just plain fake, which in turn could cause a security risk to its users.
  • the account security is at risk n the form of being hacked or compromised in a way.
  • the account posts abusive tweets or portrays abusive behaviour where it can be suspended temporarily or in some cases permanently.


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