Snapchat Introduces Group Chats That Have Way Fewer Participants

Well this is timely and interesting at the same time



Snapchat has been around for the last 5 years and although it has become a leader where several companies have copied some of its fun features, it has also not been able to add some which have been available on others for years.

This is why today the company has introduced Groups, yes Snapchat will now have Groups.  Creating these groups is as follows: You can create them while sending Snaps or while you’re in a chat. Within the group chats, you will be shown the participant’s names at the bottom of the chat and tapping on their names will allow you to start a personal chat with one them. The cool thing is that you can leave the one on one chat and back to the group by swiping which is nice.

These Groups behave like normal chats or Snaps where the conversation deletes automatically after 24 hours and you can only replay the Snaps only once. In addition, these groups can only go upto a maximum of 16 people, which is substantially smaller than what other messaging apps offer.

Snap also introduced new tools to further your Snapchat experience, which include Scissors and Paintbrush. The Scissor tool is geared for users to create stickers from your Snaps by cutting parts of it. On the other hand, the Paintbrush tool is for use to Snaps that are in Memories which according to the company, “turns your Snap into an artistic masterpiece.”

These are interesting additions to the Snapchat arsenal and announcement is timed rather appropriately since we are nearing the holidays where these features would come in handy.

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