Samsung’s Email App Unbundled, Now Available on the Play Store


In addition to Gmail which is pre-installed on all Samsung mobile devices running Android just as is the case on devices made by other companies as well, there is the stock email application from Samsung. However, just as is the case with many stock apps, the only way to update the app to a newer version is through a system update from Samsung. Knowing how infrequent and rare these can be, many a time the app remains neglected.

Not any more.

Samsung has taken the extra step of unbundling the application and making it available on the Google Play Store. This makes it easy to update for both users and the company.

The email app follows other Samsung apps that have been made available on the Play Store in recent years like the browser and S-Health.

As you would expect, the app is only compatible with Samsung’s Galaxy devices.


  1. All those years I’ve used a Samsung device I have never used that app, initially I thought it was the Android mail app, just like the many who for the longest time were confused about TouchWiz being Android.

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