Samsung Brings its Calculator App to the Play Store


Samsung’s long-running efforts to detach as many of its applications from the core firmware on its devices continue with the arrival of the calculator app on the Google Play Store.

By unbundling apps and making them available on the app store, Samsung is able to provide ready updates to users whenever it is possible without having to wait to include them in a firmware update as is most often the case.

Basic as it may be, the calculator app does get visual upgrades every time Samsung updates the software on its mobile devices and some users who never get such updates, end up having dated versions of the app. The Play Store listing will be a God-send to such going forward.

Previously, the company has unbundled its mobile web browser (Internet, its S Health application, the Samsung Email app, its Notes app among others.

Samsung Calculator is compatible only with Samsung’s own Android-powered smartphones running Nougat which means that a vast majority of users of Samsung smartphones won’t be able to use it until they get the Nougat update.