Xiaomi Sets the Date for Unveiling its Own Processors


Chinese device maker Xiaomi has for a while been rumoured to be working on its own mobile application processors. That much was intimated in a WSJ report (paywall) earlier this month.

And now we have an update: Xiaomi will be unveiling the rumoured Pinecone processors at an event in Beijing on February 28th.

Xiaomi is reported to have previously acquired a mobile processor firm based in Beijing which will be tasked with making the chips.

Two processors, an octa-core one and a quad-core one, are expected to be the first to roll off the factory line and probably power upcoming devices from Xiaomi.

The company making its own chips is set to help it stay on top of its game in a highly competitive market while also increasing its own margins since a lot of the things will be done in-house.

Xiaomi has seen the gains it had made in its home market, China, negated by competitors like Oppo and Vivo who have developed elaborate brick and mortar stores and managed to one-up it in terms of physical presence as it has heavily relied on an online distribution and sales model.