Twitter Is Testing Custom Profiles For The DM So That Businesses Seem More Human


Twitter has been positioning the DM as a way for people to connect with businesses as a customer service tool since people actually use it for that purpose. They have been adding features to make this experience better and this latest change is a continuation of that.

According to the company, they are launching a new feature on Direct Messages called Custom Profiles .“It allows businesses to better emphasize that human element in private conversations as well as more clearly indicate when a bot is speaking,” the company explained in the blog post.

Late last year, Twitter introduced customer service ‘bots’ for DMs where businesses could send welcome messages that greet customers in the DM and also send automated quick replies from a generated form.

This latest move by Twitter is to make the whole experience of businesses serving their customers seem less robotic. Using automated responses can dim the experience and that is why Twitter is using custom profiles which was done in partnership with the US carrier, T Mobile.

T-Mobile was the first account to use this feature where they were able to add agent’s pictures and names to tweet replies by linking to custom bio pages for each agent.

Apparently according to Twitter’s own research, 77% of people are likely to recommend a brand following a personalized customer service interaction and are 22% more likely to be satisfied.

This new feature sadly is in private beta but Twitter is inviting businesses that are interested to sign for it here and developers who are looking to build on it can access it here.