Taxify Kenya Jacks Up Their Prices, But Only For A Short While


We have so many ride sharing apps right now and Kenyans (especially in Nairobi) are spoilt for choice.

Taxify is one of those multinational taxi hailing apps that has a presence in Kenya. They ventured into the Kenyan market last year and lately they have been known for their very competitive prices.

Last week, we made a comparison between the various taxi hailing cabs that you can find in Nairobi and Taxify ended up being the cheapest option. The app quoted a base price of KES 75, KES 26 per kilometer and KES 2.3 per minute.

Well today, Taxify pushed a release where they gave new rates, which has made using their service slightly more expensive than before. The new rates have maintained the KES 75 base fare and the KES 2.3 per minute prices, but they have increased the price per kilometer by 26% to KES 32. Interesting enough, they have also introduced a KES 250 minimum fare which is in line with what the market is charging currently.

This is an interesting change by the company and comes after a time Uber jacked up their prices after pressure from their drivers/partners. This is not the first time they have reviewed their prices as in January this year, they reduced their prices by a reported 15% from KES 35 per kilometer to KEs 30 and per minute billing dropped from KES 3 to KES 2.6.

Not to worry, Taxify has assured its customers that these new fares are not valid for long as they will last till the end of March so we are expecting a new price list for April.


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