The Internet Couldn’t Resist Photoshopping ‘Trucker Trump’, With Great Results

Trump on a Truck
Credit: AFP

Trump seems like he won’t stop giving the Internet moments captured by cameras that are meme-worthy. We have seen the Tiny Trump photoshop battle, the one where he was holding an executive order and that moment when he was holding a pen.

Yesterday, the photo above shows President Trump holding the steering wheel of a truck while meeting truckers.

Trump is pictured here on the driver’s seat while holding the steering wheel in such a meme-worthy manner which Twitter was simply unable to ignore.

First we have the hilarious captions:

When you miss an exit

When you don’t want to let go

He looks like a toddler

The photo has now transcended from being captioned using phrases to being a full blown Photoshop battle on Twitter.

Trump being parodied in the Mad Max movie

Out of my waayyyyyyy honk! honk! Trump on his toy truck

Trump on a horse with Mary Poppins

This guy thought outside the box and placed Trump in the toilet

A Seagull stealing Trump’s food complete with a snapshot of his tweet about the birds!

Wacky Racist! (If you’ve watched the cartoon Wacky Races, you would totally get this)

Trump on his way to build the best border wall ever

On Reddit, there is also another Photoshop battle thanks to this photo of Trump flexing while on the same truck.

PsBattle: Trump flexing in a truck at the White House from photoshopbattles

This led Redditors to come up with photoshopped images of Trump in several scenarios:

Build the wall


Putin vs Trump

Mexican using KFC drumsticks while driving and crashes it