Twitter Won’t Count Usernames As Part Of The 140 Character Limit In Your Replies

Your replies are going to look super neat

twitter usernames

Twitter has been focusing on making the social network easier to use for new users and the current users alike and one of the problems was on the replies page. See, Twitter limits your posts to a 140 characters and as brief as it sounds, the available real estate is usually gobbled up by usernames and links alike, which makes your actual quote balance even shorter.

On the beta channel, Twitter has been testing a new way of replying to other people on the network where they appear on the top of the tweet. Well now it has been made official among other changes.

Now, when you are replying to someone or a group of people, these user-names will not be counted as part of the 140 characters and will appear at the top of the tweet. When you tap on the ‘replying to’ within the thread, you will see who is part of the conversation and you can change who should be in that conversation.

This move has solved two things: First, no more worrying about how to truncate further your tweet as now you will have the full 140 characters to voice your opinion and now the replies will be ‘cleaner’ thanks to the repositioning of the user names.

Apparently, Twitter says that this changes was based on feedback as well as ‘research and experimentation’. About the latter, they found out that people engage more with conversations thanks to this new experience.

The company has also said that this is not over yet and they will continue to think of how they can improve conversations further.


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