Apple Music For Android Finally Gets Overdue Makeover


Apple Music for Android

Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service was introduced in 2015 but we got the Android app on November of the same year. It was on beta for a while and it took Apple a while to iron out the bugs from the app.

However, last year, Apple promised a huge redesign to Apple Music which would give the app a fresh coat of paint. Naturally, they rolled it out on their turf, first on iOS then on their proprietary app, iTunes as a version 12.5.1 update.

If you are an Android user who does not own an iOS device but has an Apple Music subscription, a relatively easy way to get the new Apple Music update was on the desktop iTunes app. Android users were stuck with the old Apple Music for a while now, until now.

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When you update Apple Music, (version 2.0.0), you will be greeted with a new interface where the Android app is finally now at par with iOS and the desktop iTunes.

We now have a continuous feed starting with what Apple Music thinks it is best for you, your recently played music, the day’s playlist, music that is on heavy rotation, new releases, Connect posts and the likes.

There are also some nifty changes where in the hamburger menu, they have removed New, Connect and Playlists which are now on the general feed. They’ve now added a Library option which will access the music stored on your phone and Browse where you get to discover new music. In addition, they have added the ability to view the lyrics of the songs you’re listening to, which is cool.

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