Telkom Enterprise Wants You to Use JamboNet for Dedicated Internet Access

Telkom Enterprise JamboNet

Telkom Enterprise JamboNet

Telkom Enterprise is on track to capitalize on its extensive connectivity penetration in Kenya with solutions such as BVPN, JamboNet and E@syNet. As previously highlighted, BVPN uses Telkom Enterprise MPLS to connect remote sites, which makes it the most applicable choice for businesses that need nationwide connectivity. Also, it has been noted that BVPN focuses on security, coupled with optimizations and value added services that are deemed appropriate for SMEs and corporations. The telco provides this package on affordable terms that serve as an incentive for an otherwise competitive connectivity sector.

By definition, Jambonet is a dedicated Internet service that aims to serve businesses with high-speed downloads and uploads. In other words, dedicated internet access is more of a business term than a technology one; it is an Internet connection, yes, but has nothing to do with the delivery method, be it fiber, radio or copper. To expound on this, multiple businesses need different connectivity options, and some choose a particular amount of bandwidth. Based on the amount selected, Telkom Enterprise’s Jambonet will dedicate the entire bandwidth for use.

There are several beneficial aspects of Jambonet. To begin with, the solution performs admirably with constant and guaranteed speeds. In fact, it is rendered to clients as a rated speed and can be viewed as a personal connectivity solution that is devoid of cases of compromised speeds (as a result of sharing resources). Regardless of congestion issues, the purchased bandwidth will always be guaranteed. We must admit that this is a brave promise to make in a connectivity sector that is plagued by infrastructural breakdowns.

Clients can choose speeds that range from 1 Mbps to 1000 Mbps based on their needs and budget. In any choice, assurances in terms of scalability and round-the-clock support are given. Such assurances are enforced by service level agreements (SLAs) with up to 99.99% uptime. What this means is a contract is signed between the customer and Telkom Enterprise as a commitment that the purchased bandwidth will be delivered. Furthermore, the SLA sheds more light into the reliability and responsiveness of the bandwidth of choice, as well as the consequences of not meeting service obligations.

Similar to BVPN, Jambonet promises data security and network monitoring with Telkom Enterprise-managed firewall.

To sum it up, it is paramount to note that Telkom Enterprise has vast resources, including cloud storage infrastructure and several data centers. Thanks to its managerial mandate on the National Optic Fibre Backbone (NOFBI), it is apparent why Telkom Kenya’s product, Telkom Enterprise, is on a stepping stone to taking advantage of the nation’s inland fibre optic cable network to provide connectivity solutions for businesses at the grassroots.


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