LG Makes Strides Towards Eco-Friendly Homes with the Artcool Air Conditioner

lg artcool

lg artcoolThe world is witnessing a growing trend whereby consumers are becoming more than ever concerned about the environment. As more importance is placed on energy-efficiency, green products and technologies have become essential to creating an eco-friendly home. We are also seeing more and more companies take a greener approach to business, it is now proving to be more important for the bottom line, as consumers become more concerned about the global eco-system.

Lack of responsibility on the green front has also become a nightmare for some companies as the public lashes out against this irresponsibility in the form of boycotts, protest rallies and campaigns to spread the word about companies they perceive to affect their lives negatively.

This has seen companies adopt more environmentally conscious practices, their efforts putting consumers’ minds at ease.

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies like Amazon Echo offer an intelligent energy management solution, giving users smart control capabilities that allows users to control every aspect of their home to conserve energy.

LG’s ARTCOOL is the ideal air conditioner for those who value both energy efficiency and cooling performance. The Dual Inverter Compressor equipped in the appliance consumes 70 percent less electricity while providing 40 percent faster cooling.

LG strongly believes in responsible environment stewardship. It has an established track record of producing eco-friendly appliances. It has been rooting for the design of products with capabilities to help users reduce energy consumption. By decreasing overall energy use, these products save consumers money in the long run through lower energy bills, and the corresponding decrease in electricity demand leads to a drop in pollution.

Through its energy conserving OLED TVs and its innovative Door-in- Door refrigerators, LG has shown how advanced design can enhance convenience for consumers and make products more environmentally friendly. The refrigerators use LG’s trendsetting inverter Linear Compressor, allowing them to consumer 36 percent less energy and produce 25 percent less noise.

Additionally, the company’s EcoHybrid dryer in its washing machines recycles heat to save up to 53 percent more energy than typical dryers. Also, the Inverter Linear compressor-driven 6 Motion Direct Drive washing machines have achieved unparalleled environmental ratings. With an annual energy consumption of only 117kWh, LG’s 6 Motion Direct drive is the most efficient washing machine in the world.

These examples go to show LG’s leadership in developing products with health and environment in mind and also how they are soon expected to transform our homes to more ecofriendly ones.