Evernote Beta Scores an Update, Adds Fingerprint Unlock Support



I love my notes apps secure. I love my notes app light. It makes me a happy person when my notes app glides smoothly in and out of interfaces. What makes me even merrier is when an app manages to fit the stated feature set in a relatively small package, which makes me a Keep enthusiast and sympathizer – sort of.

Google Keep has its setbacks, and so is Evernote. Both have legacy users that stay loyal to them. It is rare, at least in my tiny social circle for a friend to use Evernote and Keep concurrently, though it is possible to do so. Evernote cannibalized on my meager internal storage during my ZTE Blade days. At the same time, it was not a smooth app, which is why I found a lovely home in Keep.

Evernote also limits synchronization of notes to two devices for free accounts. Additional devices need to a Plus subscription that attracts a $4 monthly fee.

One major setback that has been ignored for a long time is security feature to keep your notes under lock and key, away from unauthorized and straying eyes. We have sensitive stuff in our notes apps – badly done poems and… only badly done poems. They are embarrassing.

Evernote beta 7.12 wants to keep your notes safe and has integrated fingerprint unlock support. This is a welcome feature because it is baked in, meaning there is no need to use third-party apps to lock it. While this update is appreciated, we cannot skip to question the lateness of the feature because the fingerprint API hit Android in version 6.0, which was in 2015.

Users who are not on beta need to wait for a future update.

Those who keep notes with Keep, including yours truly will probably wait for much longer for a similar update.