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Must-Have To-Do Apps for Android, iOS, Web, Desktop or Mac

If you want to be better at productivity and get things done, you need to have to-apps on your Android, iPhone, PC or Mac...

Evernote is Pushing Users to Pay a Monthly Subscription: Here are 3 Alternatives You May Want to Consider

Evernote wants you to pay but before doing that check for other free options like these ones.

Microsoft Goes After Evernote with New Evernote to OneNote Importer Tool

One of the things most of us do on all our devices is taking notes. There are very many ways of doing exactly that....

Evernote Premium Users are Capped at 10 GB, No More “Unlimited” Storage

It is not just mobile carriers who have a problem letting their users (some, not all) understand what exactly the "unlimited" services they flaunt...

Evernote Has A New Budget Subscription Option

How do you usually take down notes? Using good old Notepad on your Windows machine? Getting an actual pen and writing down notes on...
Evernote Samsung Smart Camera

Evernote Photo Syncing Comes To the WB250F Samsung Smart Camera

Samsung today, in a partnership with Evernote enabled photo sync from within the WB250F Smart Camera. Users in the US are already able to...