WhatsApp Status Update Has The Same Number of Users As Instagram Stories.


We know that WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app with over a billion users around the world. That figure however is specifically for the number of people that use the service every month, but there is an even better metric to know how good your social network is fairing: daily active users.

Facebook announced its Q2 2017 results yesterday and with that, we got to know how the different services were performing. WhatsApp is a member of the Facebook ecosystem and it has achieved a momentous milestone: they now have a billion people who use the service everyday.

That was the headlining metric WhatsApp announced today and it means now the messaging service joins Facebook in being one of the few networks that can boast of having such traffic.

That was not the only interesting statistic WhatsApp shared yesterday. The monthly active user base jumped to 1.3 billion users from the 1.2 billion announced way back. The community also shares a staggering 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos per day. WhatsApp is also quite multilingual as over 60 languages are supported.

WhatsApp has Whatsapp Status which was an Instagram Stories clone, which in turn was a Snapchat Stories clone. Apparently it is becoming popular each day as now 250 million people use it everyday, which is the same number as the number of people using Instagram Stories.

Well, WhatsApp keeps on growing and it won’t be long to hear that they finally reached the 2 billion user mark, just like their mothership, Facebook.

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