LG’s NeoChef Microwave with Smart Inverter Technology Hits the Kenyan Market

LG Neo Chef

LG Neo ChefEarlier this year, LG Electronics introduced the NeoChef lineup of microwaves to the world. The new microwaves stood out from the crowd due to the select set of technologies they bore.

The highlight of the NeoChef microwaves is a Smart Inverter technology feature that offers “better, faster, more efficient cooking performance while saving time and conserving energy”.

The Smart Inverter technology allows for flexibility to select the power level at the start of the cooking process and varies the power delivered during the cooking process depending on the cooking option selected. This is to say, when you set a cook time of 45 minutes, the first 30 minutes will be cooked at 1200MW, the next 15 minutes at 800MW and the last 15 minutes at 300MW ensuring that your food cooks evenly. LG also claims that this new technology can save you up to Ksh.20,000 in electricity bills, as opposed to using conventional microwaves.

Aside from the Smart Inverter technology, the NeoChef microwave lineup pack Anti-Bacterial “EasyClean” interior that is said to keep way 99.99% of harmful bacteria from the internal surface and makes cleaning simple and convenient. Other underrated features include a healthy fry option that uses an air fry method of cooking thus reducing the need of deep frying and a “stable turntable” that has a hexagonal ring which stabilizes the turntable with six support points, thus preventing off-centre items from tipping and spilling during cooking.

Today, LG Electronics East Africa has taken the curtains off the NeoChef microwaves and introduced them in the Kenyan market. The lineup consists of three models, the standard solo microwave that will retail at Ksh.17,500, the larger option with Grill will retail at Ksh.24,500 and the top of the range Convectional premium microwave that will retail at Ksh.48,500.LG NeoChef

Speaking at the event, LG Managing Director, East and Central Africa, Janghoon Chung, said, “As the name suggests, there’s no cooking job that this microwave cannot handle including baking, frying, grilling as well as warming and even defrosting of foods. From delicately fermenting yoghurt, to melting chocolate, to popping corn, the LG Inverter microwave is a versatile cooking solution. With just one appliance, the NeoChef microwave oven, our customers can bake, warm, fry, defrost and cook.”

This new range of microwave ovens, are available in all LG retail stores including their online brandshop.